Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday after work I was back in my room and I opened my phone to find a big, blank white screen starring back at me. I quickly closed my phone in the hopes that maybe I had simply imagined such a thing happening. Re-opening my phone seemed to confirmed this as my eye was greeted with the familiar three letters of my fraternity that serves as the background on my phone.

I thought maybe this was a one time thing...but it's not. This morning when I woke to the sound of my phone alarm and opened it in order to hit the snooze button, I found a blank black screen starring back at me. This seems like an even worse development! I couldn't even get the screen to come back by opening and closing the phone, so I had to turn it off and power it back up to see anything. And I have done that several times today.

Thankfully, for the past four or five hours, every time I've opened my phone it has been working. Or at least on the main inside screen. The front screen still seems quite a bit out of sorts. And this problem is having a terrible side effect. It's draining my phone battery quite the point where I charged my phone last night but now have almost no battery after making no phone calls and only one text message. And I'm in constant danger of being called and then opening my phone with no clue as to who is on the line. And that is frightening...there are some people you just would rather not talk to!! And texts...well I'll try and answer them if I can see them.

So I find myself wondering what precisely I should do. I found a forum online about the problem and a possible solution for it. But the process seems a little bit much for me (although I could probably get my dad to help me with it tomorrow). Aside from that I could switch back to my old phone...which is fairly ancient. I wouldn't lose too much since most of my contacts are on my sim card. But it's really, really old. And kind of annoying. OR...I could go to the AT&T store and explain the problem to them and have them laugh at me when I ask for a replacement (since this is not my fault...the phone hasn't been damaged, it's a manufacturer's defect) and then have them try to sell me a ridiculously expensive new phone. OR I could go to Wal-Mart and buy one of those relatively cheap to-go phone thingies and stick my sim card in it. Thoughts? Ideas? Other solutions? Similar problems?

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